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Best Camera Apps For iPhone : Of course there is just a standard camera app on your smartphone. But did you know that there is much more to be gained from your smartphone camera with special photography apps? These apps ensure that you have more control over the camera of your smartphone and that you can work better. Once you’ve started using the special photography apps on your smartphone, you’ll discover how powerful your smartphone really is and how much more you can get out of your photos, even if you only shoot with your phone. But which photography apps are really good now; there is so much choice.

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Best Camera Apps For iPhone | Photo Editing Apps

  1. CAMERA +
  4. TADAA

The standard camera on your iPhone gives you little control over things like shutter speed. If you want to have a little more control, it’s a good idea to download a camera app. A camera app gives you more options to change your settings. What I pay attention to when choosing a camera app is the option to choose the shutter speed pre-selection mode, manual mode or automatic mode. Also important is the possibility to photograph in a higher resolution than with the standard app. For example, if you want to print photos or make a printed album, it is as nice as having as many pixels as you can. Tip: put the app in your home screen, so you can quickly open it when a photo opportunity occurs.

Camera apps are platform dependent. Since I am an iPhone photographer myself and like to share only tips from my own experience, the camera apps in this article are only for the iPhone.

CAMERA + -In recent years, the image quality of the smartphone cameras has improved enormously. But the standard camera app of the iPhone has not really grown in terms of possibilities. The app Camera + is Best Camera Apps For iPhone to start with when you first switch from the standard app to another app. Then you can always switch to a more complex app.

Camera + is user-friendly, well-organized and gives you real control over the standard camera app. You can choose shutter speed pres-election, automatic mode or manual mode where you set everything yourself. You can also choose from different file formats.

PRO CAMERA – Pro Camera one of the  Best Camera Apps For iPhone is clearly more advanced than Camera +. It is a more powerful app with more possibilities. As is usually the case with more possibilities, the consequence is that it is somewhat more complicated. You have to invest some time to find your way in this app. But I assure you it is more than worth the time investment! If you register on my Smartphone Photography Course you will receive a number of lessons explaining how to work with this app.

Pro Camera also offers the upgrades HDR and Low Light +. HDR means High Dynamic Range and gives you the opportunity to bridge large contrasts in a photo. With Low Light + you can still make sharp and detailed photos under poor light conditions.


Each photo can use processing to a greater or lesser extent. How convenient is it if you do this on your phone in a lost hour? When it comes to editing apps, the choice is really huge. Some apps also have a camera app integrated, but I do not recommend using them once you are used to Camera + or Pro Camera. A number of functionalities are really important in an editing app, such as the ability to crop your photos, convert them to black and white and to adjust the ‘preset’ or filter settings yourself.

BLACK – B & W FILM EMULATOR – If you want to edit your photos with ‘old school’ black and white film characteristics, you have good editing app on Black. Black is the most stripped-down app in this list. You can choose from a number of black-and-white filters and there you can release a number of simple operations. You can also crop your photo.

A COLOR STORY – A Color Story may look simple, but it is a surprisingly powerful editing app. You can make many sophisticated adjustments with it. The app has nice filters and effects such as adding a ‘light leak’ or ‘light flare’. It is easy to use and you have the possibility to create and save your own ‘presets’. In the free version there are 2 filter packages and you have the possibility to purchase several filter packages. The entire range of refined modifications is also included in the free version.

TADAA – This is the only editing app that is only for the iPhone. Tadaa is a powerful editing app but slightly easier to use than Snap seed, the star among the editing apps. The app has great filters and the ability to adjust the filter strength. You also have the possibility to take a snapshot between the different processing steps. Handy if you want to try something out. Tadaa offers a number of in-app purchase options, but the most used tools and filters are in the free version.

SNAP SEED – Snap seed is the most powerful editing app you can have on your phone and has a huge range of options for editing your photos. For ‘normal’ edits such as adjusting the contrast or cropping your photo, this is actually the only app you need. But Snap seed also has great filters, including black and white filters and various atmospheric filters. What makes Snap seed great is the ability to edit parts of your photo. For example, you can only make a too dark face a bit lighter or make a dull air more dramatic. The rest of the photo will remain as it is. Very nice! Because it is the most powerful editing app, Snap seed is also extensively discussed in the Smartphone Photography Course.

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