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iPhone 8 Review : The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus are two devices that many people have been waiting for. Apple has equipped the devices with nicer displays, a bizarre fast processor, wireless charging and the devices are suitable for AR (Augmented Reality).

In principle, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the alternative for anyone who is not interested in the iPhone X. The devices have virtually the same functionalities and technical specifications. In this article, you can read why iPhone 8 is such a popular phone. You will get to know complete iPhone 8 review here.

iPhone 8 Review | 8 Improvements In iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 was until shortly before the release by many people for the ‘iPhone 7S’. Many people are accustomed to Apple that after the release of a ‘normal’ iPhone version, an S-model is released. Previous models were, for example, the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6S.

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Apple deliberately skipped the iPhone 7S and introduced the new iPhone as ‘8’. The underlying reason is that the device not only has ‘some better’ specifications but has substantially improved its content. The iPhone 8 can be charged wirelessly and is powerful enough for ‘Augmented Reality’ technology. This new technology can connect the real world and the virtual world. You can read more about this later in this blog.

  1. The most powerful glass housing in a smartphone

In iPhone 8 Review first we focus on its powerful glass. Something that is immediately noticeable on the iPhone 8 is that the device is almost entirely made of glass. The advantage of glass is that the device can be charged wirelessly. An additional disadvantage is that it is more fragile than aluminum. Fortunately, Apple has ensured that the glass cannot just break. According to Apple, the iPhone 8 has the most durable glass design ever in an iPhone. Forza advises a screen protector and protective cover as standard because screen repair is covered by fall damage and therefore not covered by the warranty.

The glass housing ensures that the familiar colors Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Red are fully reflected on the iPhone 8. This is because the device now has a smooth, reflective surface. The glass housing provides a more premium look & feel.

  1. Portrait Lighting Mode

In second stage of iPhone 8 Review now we discuss about Portrait lighting mode. With the new function ‘Portrait mode’ (portrait mode in Dutch) you can take extraordinarily beautiful pictures. This new functionality is unfortunately only available on the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. With Portrait Mode you can take photos with a depth-of-field effect. This allows you to set a sharp ‘subject’ against a blurred background (see photo). Then you can choose from various lighting effects, making your photo even more beautiful.

This way you can take a photo in portrait mode

  • Open the Camera app on the iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone X;
  • Swipe to the ‘Portrait’ mode;
  • A yellow box appears with ‘Portrait
  • Take a photo and edit it.

Once you have taken the photo you can further edit the photo. You can, for example, crop it or have it automatically corrected.

  1. Wireless charging

Because the iPhone 8 has a glass back, the device is suitable for wireless charging. You have to charge the device on a special charger, which you have to buy separately. The advantage of wireless charging with the iPhone 8 is that you can simultaneously play music and charge your device. Of course, you can also charge the device just wired. iPhone 8 Wireless charging also works with (certain) iPhone 8 protective cases.

  1. The most powerful and energy-efficient processor ever

The iPhone 8 has – just like the iPhone X – an A11 Bionic processor. At this moment of speaking, the A11 is the most powerful processor ever in a smartphone. In addition, the new A11 Bionic processor is also extremely durable, making the battery last longer. This is because the new processor is smart enough to use processor cores only when they are needed.

  1. The best smartphone camera

Apple has equipped the iPhone 8 camera with an improved 12-megapixel camera on the back. This has a larger and faster sensor, which makes you even more beautiful pictures. On the front is a 7-megapixel camera, allowing you to face time in a Full-HD 1080p resolution.

Thanks to the new color filter and improved pixel technology, photos and videos stand out even better. In addition, the new camera is also made for impressive augmented reality experiences.

  1. Dust and water resistant

The iPhone 8 is IP67 certified. This means that the iPhone 8 is completely protected against dust and meets the classification ‘immersion proof’ in the degree of protection against moisture. In theory, you can lay the iPhone 8 for up to one-meter deep water for half an hour. This without causing damage to your phone. So it is not a problem if your phone falls into the water, but we strongly recommend that you keep the iPhone away from moisture.

iPhone 8 splash-proof

  1. A new Retina HD display

The iPhone 8 has a new light-sensitive technology, Apple calls this ‘True Tone’. This new technology ensures that light from your screen automatically changes with the light of your surroundings. The white balance on your screen is adjusted to the color temperature of your surroundings. Both outside in the sun and at night in the dark you have a clear and especially pleasant screen view.

The iPhone 8 also has a retina display with a wider color reproduction, which makes colors appear even more natural. For the rest, the iPhone 8 still has a 4.7-inch retina display (1334 x 750 pixels) with a 326 PPI (Pixels Per Inch).

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a new technology through which the virtual world can be linked to the real world. So far, the new technology is still in its infancy, but this will certainly change in the coming years.

As promised, Apple has brought the best in class smartphone once again for the iPhone lovers. To know more about iPhone 8 price in India, you can check it online.

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