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iPhone is one of the most demanded phones all over the world. It not only has a class apart aura but also has many cool features. The sleek body, high-resolution camera, and ultra safe features to guard against any kind of virus make it a preferred choice. There are many cool games that you can play in your iPhone. Some games are built especially for the IOS platform which is very cool. You can go to the App store for iPhone games download it. The game may be either paid or free.

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iPhone games Download

Are you a game freak and have an iPhone? You have it all! Recently many new games have been released for the IOS platform. These games have highly defined graphical user interface and high speed. From the racing games to puzzles and fighting, the iPhone has something for you in every category.

Best iPhone Games Free Download 

The top 5 Best iPhone games free are as follows:

  • The Battle of Polytopia: The games are all about making strategies and to grow your empire using the limited resources. It checks your managing skills and lets you to attack the opponent in order to expand your empire. It is a highly demanded game.
  • Power Hover: If you like battles and fighting games, this game is just the right choice for you. It is a fantastic game for awesome background sound which keeps you stuck to the game. Face the challenges to jump to the next stage.
  • Cut the Rope: This game tests your mind. In this game, you have solved each level using some physics. Cut the rope and the candy drops. Timing is another important factor in this game. For all the brainy people, this is an apt choice for you.
  • Real Racing 3: It is yet another game for all the gaming freaks out there. This racing game features some of the best racing cars of the world and lets you race. It has a highly define GUI.

These are some of the best iPhone games 2017  and 2018 that you must try.

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