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iPhone X Price | iPhone X review | iPhone X Case & Covers

iPhone X  : iPhone has brought a boom in the mobile industry. It is one of the most desired phones of the apple series. Though the phone is a bit expensive, it comes up with many new features and improved design. The outstanding camera of iPhone X could not have been better. Unlike other designs, the phone does not have a home button. It comes up with face ID recognition. The glass body is like a cherry on the cake. It claims to be the future of smartphones. The phone has an excellent screen with a great balance of colours. It has a perfect ratio of body size is to screen. The sharpness, clarity and colours are incomparable. The only thing that holds the buyers from purchasing this phone is its price. It is way too expensive.

iPhone x Price | iPhone x specs

iPhone X specs

The most prominent iPhone x specs are as follows:


Front camera: 7 MB HD camera

Rear camera: 12MB dual camera


Screen: 5.8 Super retina AMOLED display

iPhone x price

The most prominent colours of iPhone X are silver and space gray. They are the once which are most demanded in the industry. The phone comes in two storage spaces. The iPhone X price varies according to the storage it offers.

The 64 GB phone is available at $999 while the 256 GB phone is available at $ 1149.

iPhone X Case & Covers

iPhone X cases

To keep your phone safe, the case is mandatory. It protects your phone and changes the looks of the phone as well. There are different types of iPhone X cases available in the market. Some of them are:

  • Leather case
  • Plastic cases
  • Rubber cases
  • Transparent cases etc.

Though the phone is very expensive it is worth it. You will not find in the market which matches up the level of Iphone X.


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