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Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime : Online applications are investing heavily in anime, as we recently wrote. These companies not only bring well-known series to its streaming service, but also releases quite a few original anime this year. Several such programs, series, and movies are shown on these digital platforms. However, nothing can beat the iconic power of Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun And Moon

The very nostalgic first season of Pokemon has been on Netflix for a while. With the forgiving nostalgic glasses, it is all fine to prune. But what does the iconic anime look like in 2018?

The answer is Pokemon Sun and Moon, a controversial season. After more than 18 years, the animation style has completely changed. It is all a bit more cartoon, especially compared to the somewhat grim previous seasons.

Pokemon Sun and Moon anime

You do not recognize Ash any more. Where in the previous twenty years the designs have been slightly modernized, this is really a complete redesign. Especially from Ash, therefore, an iconic main character for twenty years in Pokemon Sun and Moon anime.

It takes some getting used to, but after an episode we were already sold. The looser character style offers much more room for smooth animation. And how! You only notice that in the battles. Everything is just a bit more dynamic, with brilliant animation as a result. Pokemon Sun and Moon anime is still a phenomenon where money is put into, and you notice that.

Pokemon Sun and Moon cards

Moreover, the design is very different than in the previous seasons. It is more slice of life, rather than an adventure with a series of gyms. Again, it takes some getting used to. Pokemon Sun and Moon cards are available for fans. However, it is certainly not for everyone, but we definitely encourage young and old to give it a chance and know about them.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

You can now check all the seasons on several digital platforms. Unfortunately, the original audio is not available, where the music is just a bit nicer. Ah, you can also have fun in English. What I want to tell you that Pokemon Sun and Moon anime is one of the finest content for cartoon and game lover.

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